Windsor C-1 School District tables disguise mandate vote, keeps masks opti…

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. – After an eight-year-old elementary student spoke in favor of masks Wednesday night, Windsor C-1 School District did not vote on a disguise mandate.

The board will keep in place its disguise-optional policy.

Second-grade student, Everylee Cox, who said she has been bullied for wearing a disguise shared her story at Wednesday night’s school board meeting.

During public comments, families list their reasons why they want or don’t want a disguise mandate. Currently, most school districts around Windsor C-1 have disguise mandates in place.

“I don’t necessarily have a problem with masks but I don’t like that we’re nevertheless being told to do this and I don’t like the thought of kids wearing them the complete day,” a public speaker said.

This comes as staggering numbers come out of the Jefferson County Health Department. A total of 251 children 19 years and younger have now tested positive for COIVD. The highest ever.

According to the Windsor C-1 School District, 48 students currently tested positive for COVID-19. 

“I’ve been teased about wearing my disguise from those that are not wearing theirs, given how those situations have been handled I’m nevertheless thinking about, I feel eager but I nevertheless use my disguise,” Cox said.

When it was Everylee’s turn to speak, two of her friends tagged along to speak in favor of a mandate.

Both second graders spoke about how wearing their masks help them keep their classmates be safe and they want everyone to follow.

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