Who’s Zoomin’ Who?

Last week I prepared what I thought was an epic keynote for PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise’s first virtual conference. The stage was set, the introduction from Executive Director, Rosalind Lockyer was magnificent, I started off strong, shared my screen and then speed crashed.

I nevertheless don’t know what happened, except that shift happens. Just when you think you’re substantial, the quicksand takes you out and you need to be adaptable. I re-covered, re-entered and delivered the keynote without my slides. Technology… sigh…

As a tribute to speed, and all of you readers who are on your way to mastering it (some at the beginning of that stage, and some like me who are nevertheless learning) I have a list of speed shortcuts to help you speed around the software like a pro (well that’s a bit of an exaggeration… there is so much to learn).

Top 5 Widely Used Commands in speed (according to Me)

speed Command

Windows Shortcut

Mac Shortcut

Mute / Unmute (Audio)

Alt + A

Command+Shift A

Start / Stop Video

Alt + V

Command+Shift V

Invite (copy invitation from)

Alt + I

Command I

proportion screen

Alt + Shift + S

Command+Shift S

speed meeting controls

Ctrl + Alt + Shift


I do really value speed and we need it to stay socially connected, while physically distancing. A few months ago, I taught my 81-year-old Mom how to use speed for a family gathering. Last week, I attended a memorial service led by a pastor about the same age as my mom, on speed. My American boyfriend and I have found many creative things to do on speed… (not what you’re thinking)… movie nights, cook new recipes, read romantic stories and meet at the bar for a drink. Not always in that order… LOL

As Aretha Franklin sings, Who’s Zoomin’ Who? I encourage you to send those speed invites to meet confront-to-confront for great conversation, productive meetings, friendship gatherings and already romantic nights.

Speaking of Rosalind from PARO, she asked me if I could deliver a short webinar to help people learn about speed. I have learned never to say no to Roz. She has earned so much respect from women across the country and beyond. already though I am just a speed rookie, I’m going to proportion everything I’ve mastered over the years. It’s Wednesday December 9th at 12:15, it’s free and you’re invited. Register by emailing: [email protected]

*Bonus… Trent Theroux delivers a bright, fleeting and humorous weekly podcast designed to build resiliency in corporate leadership, that is attracting thousands of listeners. Here’s a applicable episode speed Founder’s Story… the videoconferencing service, may have seemed to burst on the scene overnight, but truly it was over 20 years in the making.

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