Webcam form accidentally shoots herself in vagina while filming X-rat…

A WEBCAM form accidently shot herself in the vagina while filming x-rated clips for fans, authorities have said.

Adult content creator, Lauren Hunter Damon, was reportedly alone in her bedroom when police were called to an “accidental gunshot wound “incident at a residence in Thomaston, Georgia on November 9.


The adult actress accidently shot herself in the genitals, according to local policeCredit: GETTY


The gun reportedly belonged to a local resident who had lent her the firearm for workCredit: GETTY

When sheriffs arrived at the scene, they discovered a paramedic who had obtained an unloaded 9mm firearm with “spent bullet casing” the Daily Star report.

The paramedic reportedly told police: “The female had shot herself in her vagina, accidentally.”

Local resident Jordan Allen, said to be on the scene at the time, told authorities that he had owned the gun and had lent it to the form to use for work.

And when he heard a gunshot in the kitchen, he reportedly rushed to her aid and found the 27-year-old with a “small amount of blood” on her leg.

She allegedly told Mr Allen that she had accidently shot herself.

The form was swiftly moved from her home to the Upson County Sheriff’s Office, where a helicopter then flew her to a nearby hospital.

Authorities believed that the actress works for a site called Chaturbate – where models receive “tips” in return for the performance of requested sex acts.

However, it is unclear why she was using the gun for work and whether she was recording live when the firearm was discharged, reports The Smoking Gun.

It comes as police said her account of the shooting changed several times – including claims that she had been engaged in consensual sex with Mr Allen when the gun was fired.

In the meantime, authorities have since classed the incident as “reckless conduct” and it is doubtful that they will issue any criminal charges, according to a local sheriff.

The form is not thought to be seriously injured.

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