Warehouse Catches Fire in Opa Locka – NBC 6 South Florida

Smoke poured out of an Opa-locka warehouse early Sunday morning as Miami-Dade firefighters tried to fight their way in.

The incident, thought to be an electrical fire, occurred at 2235 NW 150th Street in Opa Locka. Officials received a call about the fire at 2:40 a.m.

When fire crews responded to the scene, the warehouse was locked with no apparent signs of a break-in. The electricity was on and 12 cars were found inside.

“On arrival they found heavy smoke conditions, we also had hoarder-like conditions in the warehouse, multiple cars in front. It became a pretty technical fire,” said George May, battalion chief.

Crews had to lift some of the burned vehicles out of the way to reach and put out the fire. They also had to bust two large holes into the wall to reach the fire in the office area.

“It was a tough fire but everyone did a good job and there were no injuries,” May said.

An Opa-locka city building official deemed the warehouse an “unsafe structure” because the owner likely stored fragment metal inside for future use and left burned-out refrigerators, water heaters and AC units inside and around the character.

No injuries were reported and the warehouse roof remains intact.

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