VGA to DVI-D – Connecting Older Analog Computers to Digital Monitors W…

There are nevertheless some older personal computers on the job, but the VGA monitors that were originally purchased have been exchanged for newer digital monitors. The good news is that you don’t have to toss the old computer- already though you would like to! There are VGA to DVI-D Converter units that are obtainable to make the connection possible.

In fact, there are some older electronics that may require multiple VGA to DVI-D outputs. Home entertainment systems and digital signage systems nevertheless depend on analog kind connections to legacy systems. In many situations, the cost of upgrading the complete system is a small fortune. This is when a VGA to DVI-D converter box can save the day.

A VGA to DVI-D unit is usually equipped with a VGA and a DVI-D single link output. This allows the operator to connect a VGA monitor and a DVI-D single link monitor to the same device. This supports applications that require dual monitors. This is a popular solution in theatre, financial and hospital applications.

Using a VGA to DVI-D Converter box or coupler is simple plug and play connection and configuration. The operator does not have to fiddle with settings as the VGA to DVI-D converter automatically detects the resolution and displays it on the digital monitor. It can provide the following types of video resolutions:

• VGA: 640×480

• SVGA: 800×600

• XGA: 1024×768

• SXGA: 1280×1024

• UXGA: 1600×1200

• WUXGA: 1900×1200

Most modern laptops and PCs have a DVI connection. Other characterize devices such as projectors and televisions sustain DVI by HDMI which is a newer video interface standard. However, if you have an older projector with an analog style graphics card or video port, you will need to have some kind of VGA to DVI-D converter to use it for displaying presentations from a laptop or PC with a DVI connection. This is another situation where a VGA to DVI-D converter will allow you to use older equipment with newer computer technology.

Many older laptops nevertheless have legacy VGA, but few have DVI. The current standard in the PC industry is the digital video interface. VGA to DVI-D converters are a money saving device saving companies thousands of dollars in computer and software upgrades by allowing older technology to mesh with modern electronics.

So much is throw-away inventory when it comes to electronics. That may work out for some items that don’t also require multiple upgrades to other elements or software. Many business budgets today can’t manager large system upgrades. VGA to DVI-D conversion devices are just the answer for this problem.

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