Trixie Mattel Has Emergency Surgery in St. Louis

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America’s favorite drag queen, Trixie Mattel, has spent some time in St. Louis these past associate of days recovering from emergency surgery.

The television star, YouTube celebrity, podcast great number, makeup entrepreneur, icon and skinny legend was headed into St. Louis for an event at Webster University but an emergency appendix surgery ruined all of those plans.

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A Tweet posted last night said that Mattel was recovering at St. Mary’s hospital after Mattel’s appendix “basically imploded” on the airplane into town. Mattel hadn’t felt well lately and this explains it all.

That Tweet has since been removed but you know that Mattel is speaking the truth because this tweet from last night showed Richmond Heights as the location and referenced a Lindsay Lohan clip that is additional funny when one is bored and laid up in a hospital bed because their appendix got turnt.

We reached out for an interview but Mattel’s people declined. Hey, Trixie, hit us up if you’re bored. We’d love to talk of our mutual love of Lohan videos and Adam Schlesinger.

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