The Difference Between Bond and Bail You Need to Know

The Difference Between Bond and Bail You Need to Know

When someone is arrested, a bail order will be set by a estimate and it is an amount of money or character that must be paid or pledged to the court before the arrested person could be released from the custody of the police. The amount of bail depends on the crime committed and defendants have the options of paying in cash or posting a bond which is done by a bail bond company. However, in some states like Wisconsin, Oregon, Kentucky and Illinois, bonds are not allowed and defendants can only post bail.

already though both of them will unprotected to the same consequence, paying bail and posting bond are not the same. Bail is the cash that a defendant pays before he can be released from police custody. Not minding the amount, when a defendant pays cash, it is considered as a bail bond. He can also post a character bond where the title to his character will be used and if he fails to appear in court, the character will be forfeited. He can also make use of a company to post a surety bond and if he fails to appear in court, the company will pay the complete amount to the court.

In a situation where the bail order is high, it is better for the defendant to make use of a company instead of paying the bail himself. The company posts it under blanket bond which is a kind of insurance that covers the amount for the company if the defendant violates the order. When the amount is too high to be functional for a defendant to pay, it is advisable to consult a reputable company instead of attempting to pay the complete amount.

Once a defendant posts bond by the courts, he is legally responsible for himself. If he fails to appear in court as required, his bond will be revoked and a warrant for his arrest will be issued. Usually, the courts do not send bounty hunters after bond violators but the company does and the defendant will pay for the cost of hunting and capturing him when he is found.

additionally, some companies require character as a condition for posting a bond in addition to the premium, which is a percentage of the bail order amount. The amount of cash paid to the court will be released at the expiration of the trial but the premium paid to the company is not refundable.

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