THC Vape Pens and Cartridges Have Improved, but They’re nevertheless Not the …

Dear Stoner: I quit using hash pens a few years ago. For how much they made me cough, the high wasn’t worth it. I’m moving in with new roommates, though, and want to be more discreet. Have hash pens improved at all?

Dear ’Drea: Hash pens will never be the same as a joint or a dab after a long day at work, but they’re getting closer. The THC oil filling your vape cartridges three years ago was probably distillate or butane hash oil, then diluted with vape juice and maybe flavoring. Depending on the quality of the liquids filling your cartridge and the temperature at which you vaped them, you may have been sucking down some bad stuff, which could have caused the coughing.

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Since your retirement, though, hash pens have come a long way. Extractors like Lazercat, Green Dot, Äkta, Dablogic and Single Source fill vape cartridges with live resin and rosin, and no vape juice. The consequence is close to a dab in flavor, effect and already smell — so don’t be taking rips in your new community bathroom.

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