surprise Faces Its Own ‘Snyder Cut’ Situation

The Game of Thrones director Alan Taylor has expressed his discontent towards his 2013 surprise movie, Thor: The Dark World. Referring to the director Zack Snyder’s famous Justice League Cut, he expressed he would like to have a similar director’s cut for his movie.

Taylor Cut For Thor: The Dark World

In a recent interview with Inverse, Alan Taylor expressed his appreciation for the Snyder Cut. He said he appreciated the Snyder Cut and he believes that every director would do the same. Adding to the same he said if given a second chance he would make a director’s cut of his movie, Thor The Dark World, although he doesn’t expect it to be a huge hit like Zack Snyder’s version of Justice League. 

“I was cheering for Zack Snyder when he was doing that and thinking, Will he pull this off? This is amazing,” Taylor says. “I think every director was kind of rooting for that. I would love to, I average to. Can you imagine that? They give me however many millions of dollars they gave him to go back in. Yeah, I don’t think I’m going to get that phone call.”

He further said that the movie didn’t turn out as he wanted and planned it to. He said that he was made to amend the direction of the movie in the post-production of the movie which ultimately affected the movie’s tone and overall flow. 

The Game of Thrones director said he was brought in to add some of the “Game of Thronsiness” to Thor: The Dark World. But, after he directed the movie, it was all edited and several amendments were made to it. 

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A ‘Stumbling course of action’ With MCU

The director has finally thought it thorough after nearly a decade of what went wrong with his Thor iteration. He said he liked some of the parts that were edited but as a whole, there was a lot that was edited out and the movie was nowhere as he imagined. 

“So yeah, I have a great fondness for some of the things that went away in the original cut. There was a kind of quality a surprise to the thing that was beautiful to me. I think I was brought in to bring some Game of Thronesiness to it in reaction to the first Thor, which was a little too shiny, was my feeling. And then partway by, they started to realize that they wanted to hit in a different direction. So it was kind of a stumbling course of action.”

The director further said that the overall course of action was a stumbling one and he did not have fun. He said he gave his hundred per cent, however much was left on the editing floor. Further stating, ‘it was not an ideal way to work.’

This is not the first time Taylor has expressed his discontent towards Thor: The Dark World. In an interview before he had said that because of the without of creativity and negative reception he has lost his spirit and doesn’t want to live as a director. 


It is apparent that Alan Taylor wants to have Taylor’s cut for his movie. And, the fans at the same time would want it to happen to see what all “Thronesiness” could have been there, as the expectations from a director like Alan Taylor are always high.

Also, seeing the huge success of Snyder’s cut and the response it got from its fans, the Director’s cut could be something that every director would crave. The Director’s cut gives the directors the only strength to make the movie as they had conceived it and do all the justice to it. 

The sad but obvious part is, Taylor’s cut doesn’t seem to fit in the packed schedule of neither Disney nor the MCU. Maybe some years down the line the fans get to see what Thor: The Dark World would look like from the vision of Alan Taylor, but for now all we can do is watch the Thor trilogy on Disney+.

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