Supernatural Blood and Psychic Vampires

Supernatural Blood and Psychic Vampires

In our current society, Vampires are viewed as mythological blood sucking creatures. The classical definition of a Vampire is an animated corpse surviving off the blood of the living. These vampires are said to be of a demonic character as they are servants of “Satan,” spreading demonism throughout the world. The body of a vampire is literally dead applied to human standards in a state of arrested decay, and is kept animated by a spirit residing in the physical means, or by a supernatural force. These entities presumably appear as human as you and I, though you cannot capture audio or video of them, nor can you view them in mirrors as they are glitches in the new grid matrix and belong to a past one. The only way to tell apart a human and a vampire is if their bloodlust takes over, upon which they require at the minimum one quart of blood from their victim.


In our present day, there are no existing “classical” vampires and records of their existence are slim to none. The “blood thirsty” vampires of our day call themselves Sanguinarians. These blood thirsty humans ingest the blood of willing donors for reasons only know to them, truly. Blood is not digestible in the human stomach and is released by the lungs, urine, or dung of these individuals. Then there are the psychotic vampires of our day who indeed suffer from mental psychosis which leads them to believe that they are true blood vampires. These beings produced horrible crimes and murders for their blood, as a classical vampire would. Bats and vampire fish are said to be the last remaining animals of the past vampire age, as animals can be infected in addition. Local myth in South America has it that the Chupacabra is the last remaining true blood vampire, in a animal and semi-humanoid form.

As every age on the evolution path ends there begins a new age, a more “progressive” age that reflects upon all living entities present. In the case of the blood vampires, their evolutionary progress led to increased mind usage. The vampires of our age are psychic vampires which are humans that have the ability, whether its consciously or subconsciously, to drain the prana of its victim by picking apart its victims mind and piercing the defense obstacle to the soul. The ability of psychic vampires are developed and progressive by meditation, or mind altering drugs. The genetic coding of these vampires are inherited either by bloodlines, or by the infection of ones mind. Do not confuse this occurrence as being completely new, for there are true psychic vampires not of the human race, that crossbred with humans many thousands of years ago which produced the lower energy state of blood vampires.

The two known classifications of psychic vampires are conscious astral vampires, and subconscious magnetic vampires. The astral vampire can be undead due to its ability to astral project from its gravesite and drain the energy from living beings, which is redirected back to its corpse to retain its life force. Or the astral vampire may be of the living and are fully aware of what they are. They focus their energies and mind upon the mind of their victim to conquer it, then in the victims weakness they drain the life force from its thought. The more progressive living astral vampires project themselves into the astral vicinity to seek victims, and have very fierce and volatile personalities. The magnetic vampire is a living being that absorbs the prana of those around it, and most of the time do not understand what they are doing nor do they understand why. The majority of the entities are wanderers and see the results of their presence, but are in a perpetual state of denial about it. These vampires tend to be of a more negative arrangement as when they become aware of what they are, they are already past the point of no return.

The life force of which we describe the vampires to seek is termed prana, or chi. This energy is produced by the living as a whole which is also stored in the blood of living entities. Prana has a hierarchy of different classifications and variations of this energy, however the source of these variations is prana. The amount of prana expressed in an entity is shown by its aura. When a psychic vampire attacks a victim, the victims aura degenerates greatly and sometimes disperses, while the vampires Aura is greatly increased and glows magnificently. The damage to ones aura may last for days as there is a constriction placed upon ones aura chief that limit’s the victims ability to replenish its prana. The wound may take already longer to heal, as long as a few weeks. Recurring attacks over a long period of time cause damage that reach beyond the prana energy system.

The hierarchy of psychic vampires presently known to us goes as follows: symbiotic, emotional vampires, elemental vampires, and sexual vampires. The emotional and sexual vampires need not an explanation for their names tell it all and tend to be more of a negative arrangement. The elemental vampires are meaningful in the fact that they satisfy off natural occurrences. supplies of prana come from storms, ley lines, crystals, and many other natural occurrences and resources. On average these vampires tend to be of a neutral arrangement as most of them temporarily satisfy on the elements until they find a donor or victim. Lastly there are the symbiotic psychic vampires. These vampires are almost always of the positive arrangement as they satisfy off negative energy, whether it be an illness, thoughts, or emotions of a negative character. These vampires heal their patients from any sickness or distress, and may already help transform their enemies in polarity. These entities do not accept any negative energy that would harm their own being.

In viewing this information, it should be easy for you to determine if you are, or are in company with a psychic vampire. The best way to determine a vampire is to be notified or confirmed by a experienced psychic vampire.

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