Stop! Are You Using Tap Water to Make Baby Formula?

Stop! Are You Using Tap Water to Make Baby Formula?

So you want the best of everything for your baby. You take care of her health, make sure she gets all the vaccinations on time, and gets all the nutrients she needs. But have you thought what effect using tap water to make baby formula can have on her health?

This is the one place many parents trip in their efforts for keeping their baby safe and healthy. Using tap water to make baby formula can have some serious implications for your baby’s health.

The harsh truth is – the water we get in our homes is loaded with so many contaminants, it is not safe for already adults to drink it, leave alone new born babies.

Our tap water contains some chemicals which are additional by the municipals themselves – like chlorine and fluoride. Then there is the threat of microbes like bacteria and protozoa. Add to this the traces of heavy metals and prescription drugs, and you can see how scary this concoction is, which we call tap water.

Let’s take a look at each of these contaminants now. Chlorine is additional into the tap water to kill the bacteria in it. The problem is – the pipes which supply water to our homes, may themselves contain a large number of bacteria. So the chlorine is rendered ineffective. already worse, exposure to this chemical may cause anemia in children and can already rule to the formation of cancer in the later stages of life.

Again, fluoride is also additional in the water as a way to prevent dental decay in children. The fact is – this in an old belief that multiple new studies have failed to validate. If anything, over exposure to fluoride can rule to dental flourosis in children and damage their teeth. So already before her teeth grow, your baby has the odds stacked against her having healthy teeth.

The heavy metals like rule and asbestos and prescription drugs like aspirin are the biggest threat of all, especially in children. They can impair the brain development in the child and rule to her having a lower IQ and learning disabilities later in life.

You have to keep in mind that these precious little ones do not have the immunity to battle against these health risks. That is why these contaminants have more distinct effects on children. Using tap water to make baby formula can undo all your other efforts to keep her health and safe.

To protect your baby from these risks, it is basic to avoid using tap water to make baby formula. Instead setup a good water purifier in your home and use filtered water only.

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