Skipping, Rebounding and Rocking – The Best and Cheapest Forms of Exer…

It’s generally accepted these days that we need exercise to stay healthy, in addition with all the labor saving equipment we have, getting exercise is often difficult. Joining a gym can be expensive and, besides, adding the time to get there, change, and shower can take a big slice out of your evening. Running or jogging is much cheaper and so easy to put off in bad weather. The hitting on hard surfaces, if your running technique is not good, can also cause physical problems.

Of course, if you have arthritis or any other seriously weakening disease, then these sorts of exercise are a complete no no. For you, there is the rocking chair. They cost as little as £50 or $75, so most people should be able to provide one. Although I haven’t managed to find the original source, I have read that studies have been held at the Medical College of Virginia, that showed that using a rocking chair sets up a natural rhythm that activates the body’s natural ability to repair and retrieve. You should start with up to an hour per day for the first week, then increase the time by ten minutes per day per week for several weeks. It has cured colds, ‘flu, diabetes and already some types of cancer. (From an item by Beatrice Dexter in the Examiner (USA; 7/7/92)) This motion has also been shown to help calm distressed dementia patients at a Rochester USA nursing home.

For more active people, the simplest and best forms of exercise are skipping and rebounding. You’ve probably seen clips of boxers skipping for long periods and I admire them, for I cannot keep going for more than ten minutes. However, this is the very cheapest way of getting exercise, as a skipping rope can cost as little as £5 or $7. I prefer a real rope one, which is more expensive. Amazon carries 233 different sorts. I hadn’t realized you could get leather ones!

If you find skipping difficult, the next cheapest form of exercise is using a mini trampoline or rebounder. These cost anything from £20 or $30 to £100 or $150. People who use a mini trampoline or rebounder are said to be among the very fittest. already NASA endorses this kind of exercise. (Journal of Applied Physiology 49(5): 881-887, 1980). Rebounding exercises your arms, legs, abdominal muscles, heart and lungs. You will find that your body will be better toned and you will be able to keep going for longer and longer periods. This is a zero-impact exercise, which method that, although you are obtaining all the advantages of running, you will not be having to absorb the shock groups that would be damaging to your muscles and joints ( Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation 10: 401 – 408, 1990).

You can easily fit a mini trampoline or rebounder into your normal routine, because every minute you use rebounding is the equivalent to about three or four minutes of running. This method also that you get to the point of burning fat much faster than you will if you are running. You can use a mini trampoline or rebounder while you watch the television or listen to your music: inside or outside, depending on the weather. As you can use a mini trampoline or rebounder inside and it takes up little room, you can use it in all weathers.

If you take up rebounding, you will find that your circulation will enhance and your heart and lung capacities will increase. Your co-ordination and balance will be better and your muscles will be well toned, giving you a slimmer figure, already before your weight is affected. If you are exercising to lose weight, you should be aware that, because muscle is heavier than fat, you are likely to put on a bit of weight, or not lose any to start with. For this reason, it is a good idea not only to weigh yourself before you start, but also to measure your waist, hips, chest, thighs, upper arms, et cetera. You should soon notice that, in addition as getting slimmer, you have more energy and vitality and that you have fewer infections. Dr Morton Walker, in his book Jumping for Health: A Guide to Rebounding Aerobics (Avery 1989) says that there are at the minimum thirty health advantages to rebounding and that it activates your lymphatic system, which is an integral part of your poison removal system.

Skipping, Rebounding and rocking are by far and away the best forms of exercise. They all offer enormous health benefits and in addition cost so very little that absolutely anyone can take up at the minimum one of them.

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