Secrets to Leaving a Great Telephone Message

Secrets to Leaving a Great Telephone Message

Do you worry that your telephone messages are not reflecting your professionalism and may be hard to understand?

As you give your message, consider that your listener may be in a noisy setting, have a bad phone connection, may have a hearing loss, or may be distracted by other things in his ecosystem, such as a computer. Your message, consequently, must be crystal clear.

Start by smiling to sound friendly as you say your name clearly, and spell it with keywords if you are not known to the listener. For example, say “Smith – S as in Sam, M as in Mary,” etc. Many letters can be easily misunderstood on the telephone, so keywords are helpful. Google the “American military alphabet” for a list of easily understood keywords.

Say your telephone number slowly, so the listener can write it down. Give the message clearly, possibly starting with the major assistance or basic point. For example, “There will be a sales meeting today int he conference room at 3:00. You will learn your role in the team’s new marketing strategy. Please come with a written list of the three most important benefits of Product X.”

If you give the same kind of message often, develop templates with your basic messages. Writing the template down allows you to take your time wording the message. Just change the details for each time you use the template, and be sure to sound natural when you give the message, not as if you are reading it.

Then end by asking them to call you and giving your phone number again, so people can check it against what they wrote earlier.

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