Samsung P2250 Review

I have a chance to change my old computer monitor to a new Samsung P2250. I have been impressed with this monitor since day one that I started using it. This is an affordable and nice-designed LCD monitor with superb image quality. consequently, I would like to proportion my Samsung P2250 into several parts as listed below.

Packaging and accessory

The Samsung P2250 comes in a comparatively small package. There are a VGA cable and a DVI cable for connecting to a computer. Furthermore, there are a quick reference guide book and a CD with the following programs; Monitor Driver, Natural Color, Magic Tune and Multi Screen.

The turn up and stability of the monitor

The Samsung P2250 has a stylishly slim frame combined with the subtle red gradient and the monitor frame of the P2250 is quite strong. The stand and the base of Samsung P2250 are not pre-assembled from the factory and you must put them together by yourself. Installation of the base and the stand is very easy. Once you assemble, the monitor is very stable on the desk. However, height of the monitor cannot be modificated and the monitor can be tilted forward and backward only.


There are many connection options provided in this screen. additionally, One DVI and one VGA port are provided. However, there is no a connection for audio signal, just only an HDMI port.

Ease of Use

The operation is run over 5 “touch-buttons” but I would like to have normal keys because the touch buttons do not always react as I would like. The labels will be shown once the touch buttons are touched. To the right, you can use the Magic bright button to change several image enhancement settings as Custom, Text, Internet, Game, Sport, Movie and Dynamic Contrast. Right next to the Magic bright button is the brightness adjustment and the factory setting is at a brightness level of 100 which, in my opinion, brightness at 100 is too much. The next button is used to switch from digital to analog, and vice versa and the last button is for the automatic image adjustment. The menu screen shows the brightness, contrast, sharpness and the Magic bright-setting and it is very easy to use.

Image Quality

With the proper settings, the Samsung P2250 produces excellent picture quality and its lighting is bright. Several monitors were often recognized cloudy lighting, especially on edges, but you will not see that flaw from the Samsung P2250.

additionally, the Samsung P2250 has a high dynamic contrast ratio of 50,000:1 in ms with a fast response time of 2. This characterize always gives clear and sharp images already in a movie mode. After I set the monitor on my preferences, the color is very genuine and natural. I like the color produced from this monitor in comparison to the other monitors I used before.

I also tested this screen with a 3D game, Counter Strike, and I was very impressed with it because the Samsung P2250 shows nice moving scenes without streaks on the screen at all. For gamers, the monitor is also recommended.

Recommended Setting

I have tried several settings for the Samsung P2250 and these are my recommended settings. I set the brightness down from 100 to 40. In my opinion, this setting is best for the eyes, and it nevertheless looks great. The contrast is at 75, sharpness at 60 I have set the color temperature on Warm (R: 50 G: 40 B: 31) and the gamma on Modus 3.

Noise Level

The noise level is the crucial point for me too. already if I adjust the brightness below 50, I don’t get any buzzing, tweeting sound. Some monitors I used before produce small noise all time while it is turned on and the little noise will annoy you a lot while working.


The Samsung P2250 produces elegant image quality and it does not produce bothersome noise. This monitor can be perfectly used for any purposes such as designing computer graphic, playing games, watching movies, etc. Unfortunately, there are no the HDMI connection and built-in speakers. For someone looking for an affordable and nice-designed LCD monitor with superb image quality, the Samsung P2250 is highly recommended.

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