Running From Religion – Finding Clairgnosis

Being thorough into the Internet dating scene of late…I have the opportunity to analyze where people of my age group stand with religion. There are many like me who were raised in devout Catholic homes…but choose to no longer practice that faith. Then, there are others…you know…the non-Catholics…the forsaken group that we were told would “never see heaven” by the nuns and priest of the Catholic Church. This group seems a little more apt to stay minimally involved with the organized religion of their upbringing…some already clinging firmly to either the New or Old Testament of the Bible…following its guidance verbatim…their “crutch of sorts” to weather the ups and downs of today’s world and our complicated lives.

Now me, as desperately as I have wanted to belong to an organized faith…if nothing more than for the social aspect…but especially for the singing! I love to sing in church…and it is the one thing I lament losing when giving up my Catholic faith. Why, I was a “high soprano” and could belt out the highest of notes during Christmas Eve Mass! My dismay with the Catholic Church began in the first grade of Parochial School. While being taught Catechism…statements of faith that were memorized and repeated back to the nuns…I came right out and stated to my classmate…”How do we know if we believe in God or not…we are only six years old and just saying it because the nuns want us to”! Yes…that was the beginning of my painful years as a young Catholic child not quite willing to believe what was attempting to be programmed into my head…and the first of many calls to my parents…accompanied with stints of standing in the corner!

By the time I entered Parochial High School…my mind was rebelling already harder against the theology and practices of the Catholic religion. Again, it was yours truly reprimanded for not being willing to participate in a confront to confront confession of my sins as a cleansing ritual on a weekend retreat. As usual, the ever growing voices in my head were steadfastly refusing to buy into the concept that only “Priests” could communicate with God…and that we were all in a continued state of sin ever since birth that just never seemed to be erased totally. The fact that these beliefs were taught with such arrogance and meanness…made the voices in my head say “play the game as long as you need to…then run far away and never go back!”

When parenthood arrived in my late twenties…again the voices! One set would say…”If you don’t baptize your child…he may die and never see heaven”. My other set of voices said…”How can a little baby be born with sin”…and the other voice saying “The God I believe in would not care about a silly ritual”. Well…I caved…made my “appropriate contribution” to the local Parish…and baptized my sons. I already went so far as to send them to Parochial Sunday School so that they would learn to pray etc. I knew that each person needed to believe that there was indeed a God…and that you could talk to Him via prayer.

Years went by, and I began to yearn to be part of something…a church…an organization…maybe already a Wiccan community. Something that would make me feel that “connection to the Higher strength”…that had always alluded me. During this 25 year period…I would read book after book searching for a philosophy, practice or group that could finally give me that warm fuzzy feeling that God loved me and I could truly feel it!

Success finally came after meeting a person named Sherry Healy. Sherry worked with me to develop my intuition and strengthen my connection with God…Infinite Spirit…Higher strength. She also coined a name for people like her and me…Clairgnostic. I finally found a spiritual home! I could now define my relationship with God. I was a Clairgnostic…one who come to believe in God because he/she has experienced Him.

Wondering what the heck a Clairgnostic is…and is it the same as an Agnostic? The following should clear things up:

Cairgnostic is one who has experienced the state of Clairgnosis. The origins’ of the information come from the root words clairvoyant and Gnostic.

Clairgnosis is the condition of “Enlightenment” realized from intuitive modalities. The term, coined in 1999 by Sherry Healy aka Shealy, is now often used within the fields of energy medicine, psycho-vigorous healing and other intuitive modalities of spiritual and intuitive enlightenment. Clairgnosis is a clear knowing of God, Spirit or Higher strength by intuitive experience. In simpler terms, Clairgnosis is belief in God, Spirit or Higher strength because one has experienced it in an intuitive manner instead of because one has been taught or conditioned to believe.

A Clairgnostic state can be achieved by any method by which a person experiences the God Force first hand. This could be as simple as a visit from an angel, witnessing a miraculous event or having a near death experience. I, however, became a Clairgnostic by practicing a vibration-enhanced form of energy medicine produced by my mentor, Shealy. Shealy’s self-transformational system of consciousness exploration that combines breathing, sequential movements, meditation and tonal vibrations proven to bring participants the experience of Clairgnosis by aligning conscious mind energy with conscious body energy has finally been given the name of Kina Nima(TM). Kina Nima(TM) is derived from Latin roots and stands for the movement of soul energy by the body.

And the voices in my head…they are quite liking this new philosophy I have subscribed to! Not only that, but I feel the most wonderful connection to God…like he is with me at all times…and leads me as I navigate the rest of this lifetime!

One last thing, being a Clairgnostic has made for some very interesting discussions when meeting possible mates from the Internet…and personally has brought me improved health, a noticed “external beauty” and a wealth of possible! But most important of all, I have filled that void of unconditional love by Clarignosis…and so pursue my dating ritual as a newly found “whole person”!

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