rough Fishing Tackle Review: Daiwa Caldia X 4000 Reel

rough Fishing Tackle Review: Daiwa Caldia X 4000 Reel

rough fishing refers to as a hobby fishing for fish other than the trout and salmon, which were considered by the early 19th century gentry as game fish. I’m not exactly sure when people started fishing for rough fish. Some say that it was due to hunger or the influence of immigrants to Europe over the years. But who knows? The good thing is that we continue to enjoy it today as one of the best as a hobby sports on the planet. And we continue it already more with the arrival of modern technology being applied to this age-old sport. Like Daiwa which is a popular company that produces the latest innovation in rough fishing tackle. Let’s take a look at one of Daiwa’s fishing reel, the Caldia X 4000 Reel.

meaningful Features of Daiwa’s Caldia X 4000 Reel

Daiwa’s Caldia X 4000 Fishing Reel is a superior line of reels to its predecessor in terms of accuracy. It was designed to endow the angler with supreme accuracy and accuracyn than any other fishing tackle currently obtainable. What this method for you is that it is highly efficient, extremely lasting and very powerful. A great value for you money, it is the rough fishing tackle of choice for most match and specimen anglers and nevertheless continue to be a favourite for anglers who prefer lure and feeder methods of fishing. It has a metal body construction which makes it a beautiful equipment to add to your fishing armoury.

More About Daiwa’s Caldia X 4000 Reel

Daiwa’s Caldia X 4000 Reel is equipped with 5 ball bearings which is CRBB (Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearing) are shielded for a longer life and additional protection against salt crystals. It also has Digigear or the Digital Gear Design which is a surface treated excursion and pinion gear. This ensures that the Caldia X is an additional-tough and more lasting piece of rough fishing tackle that would last many years of use. In addition to that, it also has a lifetime bail spring and the Air Bail which is high-tech bail designed to be smooth and protrusion-free that loose line easily slides onto the line roller without a snag. Caldia X 4000 also features an exceptional reverse taper spool called ABS or Anti-Backlash System that results in longer casts and lesser line tangles. Twist Buster further reduces line twist and friction between the roller and the line. Infinite Anti Reverse restricts rearward movement to zero percent with no release of the slack line. It also features a smooth machine cut manager for that additional strength you need. additional spools are supplied with every buy.

Final Thoughts on Daiwa’s Caldia X 4000 Reel

Over the past few years there have been great changes in the rough fishing world: summers are extended, commercial fisheries are maturing and many species are increasing in size and weight. Daiwa has taken into account these factors and improved their rough fishing tackle designs. This is why Daiwa produced the Caldia X 4000 to respond to the needs of the modern angler.

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