Rose Quartz – Uses & Healing similarities of Pink Quartz

Rose Quartz – Uses & Healing similarities of Pink Quartz

Rose quartz is a very attractive stone that is widely used by those interested in crystal healing. This article takes a look at its uses and similarities in more detail.

What Is Rose Quartz?

Rose quartz is a quartz variant with a distinctive pink colour. Quartz itself (silicon dioxide) is the second most commonly occurring mineral in the earth’s crust (after feldspar), and may take on different colours if other substances are present. In this case, the presence of manganese, iron or titanium may be what gives rise to its characteristic rosy color, which can range from very pale pastel pink to a much deeper colour. However, the mechanism responsible for the pink colour isn’t completely understood, and it may have different causes in different rose quartz formations.

Rose quartz is typically translucent, although transparent specimens are sometimes found. It is sometimes known as the ‘love stone’ in crystal lore.

As a very popular and commonly obtainable crystal, pink quartz can be bought as clusters, points, sphere, wands, pendulums and other popular crystal forms.

Healing & Metaphysical similarities of Rose Quartz

This stone is known most of all for its calming, soothing effect, and its connection with the emotion of love.

  • Can be used to draw love and fondness into your life, or establish a sense of harmony in existing relationships
  • Increases sensitivity and empathy towards others
  • Helps to heal emotional wounds
  • Good for relief of loneliness and other negative feelings
  • On a physical level, it is associated with the circulatory system, in addition as the heart and chest area, and may be used to relieve problems in this vicinity
  • It is also connected with the sexual organs, fertility and sexual excursion, and may have a protective effective during pregnancy
  • contributes self-love and a non-judgmental attitude towards the self
  • Connected with the heart chakra, and may be used for this in chakra balancing work

Overall, this kind of quartz is an excellent stone to use if you are feeling in need of an emotionally soothing effect, or wish to enhance your relationships (all relationships, not just romantic).

Using Rose Quartz

Rose quartz can be especially advantageous when placed on the chest area during healing sessions, or worn as a pendant which hangs over the chest during the day.

As with other crystals, regular cleansing is recommended – this can be achieved by holding the stone under running water, and then placing it outside to recharge in natural light.

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