Plus Size Bathing Suits For All Figures

Plus Size Bathing Suits For All Figures

The reason so many of us hate shopping for plus size bathing suits is because we often don’t know what style is the best for our figure. It’s easy to pick the same unflattering style year after year. But, why not take a risk, and analyze some new styles in plus size bathing suits? Let’s review the most shared figure complaints and find the most flattering styles.

Wide Hips, Big Thighs

This is probably the most shared figure problem, but it can easily be camouflaged with the right suit. Look for one or two piece plus size bathing suits with high cut bottoms that will give the turn up of longer legs. If you are not comfortable with this much exposure, try a flirty swim skirt or sarong to cover the area. Avoid, at all costs, boy cut shorts. They can make your hips and thighs appear already larger and wider.

Tummy Bulge

Who doesn’t have this problem? One-piece styles with shirring can disguise an abundant tummy. Suits with thorough, plunging necklines will draw the eye upwards and away from the bulge. Stay away from skimpy bikinis and low-rise bottoms.


Do you have too much of a good thing? Yes, cleavage can look great, but you don’t want to be falling out of your suit. Look for swimwear with built-in underwire bras, or halter tops for additional sustain. Don’t reach for that string bikini, unless you want your fellow beachgoers to get an eyeful of you.

Small Bust

Find a suit that has foam padding and underwire uplift. bright prints and ruffles around the neckline can help hide a less than abundant bust.

Short Torso

Bathing suits with thorough v-necks can elongate the body. Boy cut or board shorts that sit low on the hips can add length, in addition. Stay away from high cut bottoms that can make your body appear already shorter.

Long Torso

Try a one-piece suit with high cut legs. You can increasing rapidly the long vertical lines with a tankini that exposes a bit of midriff.

Now that you have a better idea of what will work with your body kind, go ahead and try on a few new styles. Experiment with color and pattern, in addition. It is not written anywhere that complete figured women have to use boring bathing suits. You might just find a flattering new look that is just right for you.

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