Legal Hand Call-In Center opens for Albany, Schenectady County residen…

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Center for Community Justice of Schenectady has launched a Legal Hand Call-In Center serving Schenectady and Albany Counties. The call-in center is designed to help provide information to people to try to resolve issues before they become legal problems.

Trained community volunteers, who are not lawyers, are able to provide information, assistance, and referrals to help members of the community address issues affecting their lives. These areas include housing, family, domestic violence, government benefits, immigration, employment and consumer issues. The volunteers try to prevent problems from turning into legal actions.

The volunteers, using an online database of laws and community resources, provide information and assistance to address the issues of those seeking assistance. Volunteers are provided with training, a laptop, and headset, and work from their homes. The information and assistance provided can include help with navigating social sets systems, providing information about public benefits, making advocacy calls, assistance in completing online forms and drafting letters.

“The Center for Community Justice is thrilled to bring this valuable resource to the Schenectady and Albany area,” said Cheryl Vallee, Executive Director, Center for Community Justice, “This resource will empower our complete community and increase access to justice for all.”  

All sets are free and there are no eligibility requirements. The center says all will be helped, in spite of of income or immigration position. No appointments are necessary.

Schenectady and Albany residents can contact the Legal Hand Call-In Center by phone or text at (518) 400-5544 or by email at [email protected] The center will be open, in addition to normal business hours, on evenings and weekends.

For more information and to find the hours of operation, you can visit the Legal Hand Call-In Center website.

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