Kill a Watt P4460 – Reduce Electric Bills With The Kill a Watt P4460 Electricity Usage Monitor

Kill a Watt P4460 – Reduce Electric Bills With The Kill a Watt P4460 Electricity Usage Monitor

With electricity prices rising and the long-lasting threat of more increases now would be a good time to buy a Kill a Watt P4460 Electricity Usage Monitor.

Used intelligently, this unit will not only save yourself money, but will help with the environmental issues of cutting down on Green House Gas emissions.

Everyone would like to reduce their utility bills, so having a method of checking which electrical appliances are consuming the most will be a great place to start. Armed with this information, you can decide how to cut down your electricity usage.

Kill a Watt P4460 Electricity Usage Monitor

The unit is a plug in kind. It comes with a large LCD characterize that gives various types of data, depending on how it is set up. The advantage of this unit is that individual appliances can be checked one at a time, giving accurate readings.

The unit is plugged into an AC outlet, and the appliance is plugged into the P4460.

It can be set up with the utility providers KWH tariff so that you can see exactly how much the appliance will cost to run. It will characterize the costs per Hour, per Day, per Week, per Month or per Year in monetary value, making it so easy to compare all your appliances and allowing you to see which ones are costing you the most to run. That will give you the option of deciding which appliances can be used less often.

The other use is to check how much consumption is used when TV’s, Music Centre’s, etc are in standby mode. This may be a good area to make savings.

The unit has battery back up so if there is a strength cut or the P4460 is switched off, then any measurements taken will be retained and can be resumed when strength is reapplied.

The P4460 also allows you to monitor how good your incoming electrical supply is by allowing you to characterize Voltage and Frequency. Current and Watts can also be displayed,

The one drawback to this unit and that is the characterize turns off when the unit is removed from the AC supply.

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