How To Blow Up Gophers Tunnels With Burrow Blasting

How To Blow Up Gophers Tunnels With Burrow Blasting

Burrow blasting gopher tunnels is an inventive way of how to get rid of gophers and get great gopher control by destroying the tunnel and removing gopher in one application. Because burrow blasting causes an explosion there is a fire danger so use caution.

You perform Burrow Blasting by injecting a calibrated combination of propane and oxygen into the gopher tunnel. Mix approximately 4% propane with the oxygen and placed into the tunnel for 30-90 seconds. The time will depend on the soil conditions. Loose, sandy soil will need more time because of the ease of leakage of gas.

Advice: If you are not sure how much use, start at 30 seconds, if tunnel not completely destroyed add more time. Non collapsed tunnels and be re-injected and re-ignited.

Conversely, clay soils would need less time because of its compact character which holds the gas with less leakage. Filling the tunnel with gas floods the complete area so the explosion will destroy all areas where gas reached. Once the gas has built up and people and pets are out-of-the-way, spark the igniter and the gas ignited. This will destroy the tunnel systems and kill the gopher from percussion of the blast.

To get the most from your blast you must prepare the hole where the gas tube goes. To do this, dig out the hole just wide enough to fit the wand of the tube. Insert wand in at the minimum six inches and pack dirt around the outside to contain the gas and keep as much back pressure on the open end of the tunnel. This will cause the force of the explosion to reach further and do optimal damage to the gopher tunnel.

Wetting the area can also help to seal the gas and increase the pressure built up in the gopher tunnel system when ignited. Watering can also help with the fire danger of using this device for when out of tunnel flame occurs.

Advice: Always have fire safety equipment on hand. This would include a fire extinguisher, shovel and phone access for quick 911 call if it gets out of hand fast.

You will need a second blast if gopher tunnels are not destroyed by the first blast. In these situations, you would cut the amount of fuel combination, because much of the gopher tunnel is already destroyed.

After the area you are trying to get gopher control with has been fully treated you will wait until the next morning to check for new gopher activity. Any new gopher activity should then be treated with your burrow blaster. Early morning treatments give the best results because gopher activity is at its peak during this time.

To see a video of the Burrow Blaster in action please go to the Rodent Guys Gopher Control website at

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