High Incidence Of Unlicensed Driving and Fatal Accidents

High Incidence Of Unlicensed Driving and Fatal Accidents

A recent study on unlicensed drivers by the Automobile Club of Southern California found that 20% of fatal car accidents include an unlicensed driver. additionally, in many situations, such drivers have had their licenses suspended on multiple occasions, have been convicted for driving under the influence at the minimum once, or have a health issue that would make them prone to accidents if they drove, explains an Orange County auto accident attorney.

California accounts for a high proportion of the accidents involving unlicensed drivers that occur throughout the nation each year. Between the years of 2001 and 2005, 23% of the 13,183 fatal traffic collisions were credited to drivers without a license.

These drivers have caused several accidents that have resulted in injuries in Orange County.

In the first case, a mother was pushing her child in a stroller in Santa Ana. All of a sudden, a car pushed by Christopher Woodward hopped the curb with such force that the two pedestrians landed several feet from the initial impact. While the mother fractured her shoulder, the child consistent major injuries. He was taken to a nearby hospital in basic condition.

The unlicensed driver of this means had just experienced a seizure, and his mother grabbed the wheel to control the means. Unfortunately, only a steel fence could stop the means, and, by then, the pedestrians were already injured. Woodward’s health condition had made him ineligible for a driver’s license.

The second case occurred in Costa Mesa. A child was hit by a driver without a license and taken to a nearby hospital with injuries to his leg. Fortunately, he is expected to fully retrieve from his injuries.

The most recent case occurred in Lake Forest. An intoxicated, driver with no license was arrested after hitting two parked cars. His injuries were treated at a local hospital.

Approximately one million unlicensed drivers reside in California, placing it among the states with the highest percentages of unlicensed drivers. Authorities have addressed the issue with DUI checkpoints. “During sobriety checks in Orange County, authorities are not only taking drunk drivers off the street but also catching many unlicensed ones”, explains Jim Ballidis, a Orange County auto accident attorney.

Last year, 24,000 cars were impounded at California checkpoints. If you are caught driving without a valid license, your means will be impounded for 30 days, in addition to several fees. Later this year, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit will be investigating the 30-day-impound law to confirm its constitutionality.

Driving without a license is not only unfair to the law-abiding citizens who pay their insurance and registration every year, it is dangerous, as many of those individuals have lost their licenses due to drunk driving or other violations-reflecting their disregard for the laws that protect drivers on our highways.

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