Hair Regrowth Treatments – How to Grow Back Your Hair

Hair loss is a reality that most men and many women are bound to confront sooner or later. It can take place at a very early age especially in men. Loss of hair can usually be traced back to genetics. Other factors like hormonal imbalance, illness, without of proper nutrition, stress, skin disease or pregnancy in women can also cause this condition.

Men and women who are afflicted with baldness or thinning hair are turning to hair regrowth treatments to cure hair loss. Choosing a treatment to help regrow hair will depend on several factors including the severity of hair loss, patient’s age and cost of treatment.

Several options are obtainable for hair regrowth treatments. Some are more effective than others, but they all proportion the goal of helping you to regrow your hair.


Some medications like Procera and Finasteride either block dihydrotestosterone (DHT) or prevent its production. DHT is responsible for male pattern baldness in addition as female pattern baldness. Minoxidil is effective in treating approximately 25% of men experiencing from baldness on the crown. Some medications formulated for men are not safe for women, especially those who are pregnant or of child-bearing age. Provillus contains a natural ingredient that blocks DHT and is safe for women. It stops hair loss and encourages hair to grow.

Medications can be applied as a topical cream or ingested orally. They sometimes cause negative side effects so they should be taken with caution or only when prescribed by a physician.

Nutritional Supplements and Exercise

A healthy diet complete of vitamins and minerals will help to stop hair loss and promote hair growth. Exercise may also help hair grow more by improving blood flow and circulation.

Scalp Massage

Like exercise, scalp massage increases blood flow. This can be combined with aromatherapy using oils of lavender and bay to relieve stress. With its relaxing effect and increased blood circulation, new hair will grow.

Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplements contain natural herbal products and minerals formulated to increase hair growth. Saw palmetto extract has been shown to block DHT which causes hair follicles to atrophy, consequently slowing down or stopping hair growth. Natural supplements have minimal or no side effect whatsoever. Topical creams containing herbal supplements are obtainable, in addition as oral supplemental pills.

Hair Transplant Surgery

This is an expensive hair regrowth treatment option where the hair follicle is transplanted down to the root. Hair transplant can cost up to $20,000 and is obtainable only for those who can provide it.

You will have a greater chance of success in growing new hair if you eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly and get proper rest. If all these treatments turn out to be ineffective, you can try toupees, hair pieces and hair weaves.

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