Goodness Prevails

One who has an eye on exploiting goodness of others is a average person. One who truly exploits goodness of others to his advantage or assistance is the meanest of all. God is hidden in goodness. Remove one ‘o’ from the information good and God is there ready to embrace you with out stretched hands. Goodness is godliness. There are only two ways of living – either good or bad. It is on the sweet will of a person as to how he wants to rule his life. There is no compulsion or restraint on anybody to choose any particular mode of life- either good or bad.

God has given you complete autonomy in this regard. The reason is simple. You have to take your own responsibility. You can not blame any other person for your choice. So you have to be very careful before taking a decision. The formula of, ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’ is applicable in such a situation. There is no scope for blame gaming.

God, goodness, godliness are all synonyms as the information god is inherently hidden in all of them. It represents the right path. Any thing which is not right is definitely questionable. It is for us to decide our own fate. A good path will provide good results and a bad path will provide bad results but the consequence alone may not be considered as a criterion for an act to be good or bad. It is the intent behind an act which matters. The intent must be good and honest as the god looks at the intent of the doer irrespective of the results.

The reason is simple, because the consequence is not in the hands of the doer. It is in the hands of the god almighty himself. So how can god, who is immensely considerate and loving, can keep up a doer responsible for the consequence of an act over which he has no control, keep up or authority.

Often people get confused as to what is right and what is wrong. What they should follow and what not. The god, while creating this world or ‘srishti’ was fully aware that such a situation may occur and question a person. It was with this intention that the god while arming the man with three ‘Guns’ ( Qualities ) i.e. ‘Sato gun’ ( truth ), ‘Rajo gun’ ( activity ) and ‘Tamo gun’ (inertia ) also gifted him a soul, to make use of, when confronted with such a situation.

One should listen to the voice of his soul while taking such crucial decisions and must ignore the voice of the mind or the brain which is the thinking faculty in a human body. The soul, being the part of the almighty god can never go wrong while the mind, being a part of the material body is bound to commit mistakes and go berserk.

Just as there are two ways of living so are there two worlds i.e. one spiritual and the other material world.The spiritual world is said to be the god’s abode. It is complete of bliss. On the contrary the material world is complete of desires, worries and miseries.

The world in which we are living is called the material world. Birth, old age, disease and death are the characteristics of the material world. Duality is also a rare characterize of the material world which gives rise to disparity and dissatisfaction amongst people.

One is high the other is poor, one is happy the other is sad. One is laughing the other is weeping and so on. This gives rise to a struggle for the survival of the fittest and the mad rush to outsmart the other begins. The hunger for betterment grows and the level of consciousness diminishes considerably making a person self centered.

And consequently a man, in this material world, is lost in the jungle of selfishness having no time to think about his source of origin. This is a glimpse of the erotic life in a material world.

However we should not allow ourselves to be pushed by the law of the jungle. We should keep our cool and must not lose sight of our origin that is the god.

We should be good, practice goodness, continue to be good to others and must be confident of the fact that the goodness always prevails as it has the god hidden in it and the god, being supreme, always prevails.

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