Getting Ready for NBA Basketball and Making the Right Picks

If you are into sports betting, then you must either be very stressed or excited for the NBA season coming up. With all the changes that have been made, who knows who will take the crown next season. That being said, it seems like there is a clear set of teams that will compete. For sports betters, you can use this to your advantage because there are only a few teams that will compete next year and win. Lakers, Heat, and Thunder seem to be the clear top 3 teams in the league. There are other teams that may compete, but it is quite clear that these 3 are on a different level compared to others.

For sports betters, here are some things to be aware of before you make your championship picks.

The Heat: They are the defending champions, and it looks like they will be back in the finals. They took care of the Thunder quite easily and have a stacked list. LeBron James is playing the best basketball in the league. They are almost a shoe-in to be back in the finals. You should be concerned with their without of size, because if they have to deal with the Lakers who have the twin towers of Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol, they will have trouble. The energy of the Thunder is always going to cause problems in addition.

The Thunder: This is a very young team. They are athletic, fast, and most importantly, hungry for a title. They now have finals experience and felt the agony of defeat. They are now more mature, and crave the championship. A more mature Thunder squad is something to be scared about, for any team. Last year when they faced the Lakers, the series was a few mental mistakes away from going 7 games. This year, the Lakers enhanced their list, so don’t expect the same turnout if these 2 teams meet in the conference finals. Can be a coin-flip between the 2 teams on who takes the western conference.

The Lakers: This team is extremely dangerous. They have always competed due to having the greatest player of our era, Kobe Bryant. Now they additional the league’s best center in Dwight Howard and a hall of fame point guard in Steve Nash. This team is going to be a nightmare for opposing teams. They now have a great combination of offense, defense, leadership, and hunger. Dwight Howard and Steve Nash are ringless, and came to Los Angeles to change that. Watch out for this team. Other than Dwight Howard, this team is very old. The without of athleticism may hurt them when they play vigorous teams like the Heat and Thunder.

These are some meaningful facts to consider when making picks for next NBA season. There are many factors that can play a role, such as injuries and breakout teams. It is important to do your homework and be ready for anything.

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