Garmin Dezl 770LMTHD Review

Most drivers and outdoor enthusiasts suggest Garmin GPS units for quality navigational features. The new dezl 770LMTHD GPS unit from Garmin aims to target the truck drivers part. It has an impressive range of features for commercial users. The navigator integrates the latest technology for commercial driving requirements.

The substantial case design and glass screen mirror quality craftsmanship. 770LMTHD GPS has a capacitive multi-touch characterize with True Flat Technology. The touch response is similar to the best smartphone along with great viewing angles. This unit is slightly heavier than other models in the same part and the battery life is short. The normal battery life is 1 hour but it drains faster when you use the connectivity features. However, this does not present a problem because on most occasions the usage takes place inside the means where there is an option of continued strength supply. The box contains a suction mounting bracket, USB cable and 12V strength cable. You can expand the storage capacity with a micro SD card.

The navigation unit has all the necessary features for commercial truck driving. The truck profile is easy to complete. Garmin’s routing software presents the best route as per the truck profile. Additional tools such as fuel tracker, maintenance logs and time tracker offer great help to specialized drivers and also save time. The software determines the best points of interests for the route which helps in pit stop planning. Free lifetime traffic and map updates ensure that the latest routes are always present. The Live HD Traffic characterize provides information about the likely delays due to changing traffic conditions.

Users can customize the menus and the responsive touch input which helps in finding the right function at the right time. Voice control system allows hands-free usage. You can also take incoming calls on your device. The GPS guides the user with clear and easy to understand voice commands. Voice based directions use the upcoming landmarks as reference points which ensures clarity while driving. You can also connect other Bluetooth devices with this navigator and covert it into a hands free central computer for entertainment and information.

The price of Garmin dezl 770LMTHD is on the higher side if you are considering the mid-range truck part. However, the additional features coupled with great customer sustain bring a lot of savings in the long run. Garmin ranks among the top brands in the navigation industry and the unit reflects their commitment towards top industry standards.

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