Customer Service Representative Licensing in Florida – The 4-40 Licens…

An insurance customer service representative in the state of Florida is someone who works under the direction and control of a licensed insurance agent (2-20 licensee). The CSR is required to be licensed and the license for a customer service representative is known as the 4-40 license.

To qualify for a 4-40 license, an applicant must be a minimum age of 18 years old, live in Florida as a resident of the state, or be a resident of a state that borders Florida, such as Georgia, and qualify for the license by either taking the state licensing test, or by taking a designation course such as the Registered Customer Service Representative Designation, by the University of Central Florida/Florida Insurance University.

The RCSR Designation exempts, or excuses the license applicant from the state licensing exam. The designation course is a distance learning course that involves a series of open-book, multiple choice tests. Once the course is completed, the student must submit a license application and fingerprints to the Department of Financial sets, along with the Letter of Designation from the University. After a complete background check, an applicant is approved and the license is issued.

Job opportunities as a 4-40 Customer Service Representative include sales locaiongs in local insurance agencies, in addition CSR jobs in insurance company call centers.

The typical pay for a new 4-40 agent is somewhere between $10-$15 per hour. Since the law requires that anyone who works in an insurance office who talks to clients about policies, takes money for premium payments, or takes any information involved in the transaction of insurance must be licensed, there is always a steady need for 4-40 agents.

Job ads can always be found on internet job boards and companies are willing to hire new 4-40 agents who do not have experience. In addition, after holding the 4-40 license for at the minimum one year, the CSR can take a 40 hours conversion course by the University of Central Florida/Florida Insurance University, and qualify to take the 2-20 licensing exam to become a complete-fledged insurance agent.

For more information on the Registered Customer Service Representative Designation Google ‘UCF 4-40 License’ or contact Dr. Michael Birzon, author of this article.

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