Controlling Pest Insects and Bugs – Natural Home Remedies

Controlling Pest Insects and Bugs – Natural Home Remedies

Are you looking for safe natural ways for controlling pest Insects and bugs? The truth of the matter is that in some situations you can avoid spending a lot of money on exterminators and other less desirable options to get rid of insects. You have more then a few choices when it comes to completely natural pest and insect control solutions. You may also be further pleased to know that you may just have the necessary elements ALREADY in your house! This article will focus on safe natural ways for controlling pest Insects and bugs.

Controlling Insects Inside

Tip #1

Vinegar is a household item that can be put to good use when it comes to getting rid of insects. We often use it to get rid of pesky fruit flies. This one is real easy to do too. Find an old jar and fill it up about halfway with apple cider vinegar. With the top off punch a few holes in it and then screw it back on. This quick to make contraption will trap the fruit flies inside.

Tip #2

Lets continue using elements you already have in the home. If you have pets then you already know that cat and dog food tend to attract ants and other crawly creatures. To prevent this you can create a baking soda border around the pet’s food dish. And of course the baking soda won’t be unhealthy to your pets.

Insect Control in the Garden

Tip #3

You can use freely obtainable aluminum foil to keep slugs and other insects away from your garden. All you have to do is mix in thin strips of the foil with your garden mulch. This also serves to give your plants some more sunlight since the foil reflects sunlight.

Tip #4

It’s an amazing fact but were you aware that onions also serve as a natural pesticide? Probably not huh? Well here is a quick all natural mix you can create to use as a natural pesticide with the following steps:

1) Using a blender. In one quart of water puree 2 tablespoons of cayenne pepper, 2 cloves of garlic and 4 onions.

2) Dilute soap flakes. In 2 gallons of water dilute 2 tablespoon of soap flakes.

3) Pour all of this back into your blender and make sure it is mixed well.

These three steps will allow you to create a very ecosystem friendly spray you can use like a pesticide for controlling pest Insects and bugs. So don’t just sit around hoping they leave or use all of your money trying to make them leave. Use the information that was presented here to get it done safely. If all else fails a helpful compromise is to use a termidor termite treatment [] solution. In any case you need to act if you think their is an issue.

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