Choosing Web Conferencing sets Or Other Conferencing Solutions?

Choosing Web Conferencing sets Or Other Conferencing Solutions?

Web conferencing sets are becoming more and more popular and necessary. With more businesses going global and more and more employees working from home, many businesses have adopted a conferencing service of one kind or another. Depending on the needs of the business, employing web conferencing sets may be the best solution.

Web conferencing sets include the ability to proportion documents, make presentations and confer with anyone from around town or the world! With the use of your computer, web conferencing allows you to set afloat a meeting with all the bells and whistles. The following is a list of sets and solutions that web conferencing sets accomplish:

1. No software necessary, browser-based system

2. complete audience can see each presentation, document and spreadsheet

3. Set-up multiple users as presenters to the group

4. Monitor audience participation

5. “Hand-Raise” ability – Know when a group member has a question

6. Pointer Ability – Keep everyone on the same track during the presentation

7. complete Screen – Enlarge the presentation to fill the complete screen

8. great number ability to chat with individuals or different groups

9. Present a slide show

10. SSL Encryption for ultimate security

11. Firewall Protection

And a quick overview of web conferencing pro’s and con’s shows us:


o Computer requirements are comparatively simple and almost everyone employing a computer for business purposes will easily meet and go beyond the requirements.

o Ability to proportion audio and visual presentations, slide shows or programs.

o Easily communicate with each member.


o Fees can add up quickly. Depending on sets rendered, standard web conference prices are about $.49/minute per user. Audio capability can consequence in additional charges. If you plan to keep up regular web conferences, there are subscription prices but, again, this will vary by provider and generally will require some sort of one-time set-up fee. These fees can range from $1000-$3000.

If you are not quite sold on the idea of committing to a browser-based conference system, there are other conferencing solutions.

Audio Conferences

Audio conferencing allows members to communicate via telephone. This can include regional, national or global members. You will need to apply for audio conferencing sets if you feel that this is the best solution since most phone systems only allow for three members to participate at one time.

Free Conferences

For the most part, “free” conference solutions are for audio conferences only. Maybe you want to test a provider before committing to their contract or are deciding on the best conferencing solution. Free conference providers will have limitations, but if you are looking to great number a small group, the limitations may not already be noticed.

Microsoft Conference Solutions

Microsoft Live Meeting is the name of the application Microsoft offers. Live Meeting allows meetings to be integrated with Microsoft Office, which can be quite useful! It offers similar benefits as web conferencing, but with the additional connectivity of Microsoft office.

They offer a standard and specialized service. It is recommended to buy the specialized service since this allows the use of all the benefits that Microsoft Live Meeting offers.

Hosted Conferences

A hosted conference offers many benefits. sets vary depending on provider, but for the most part, hosted conferences are mostly audio conferences that have an assistant provided from your conference provider.

The live assistant helps with “checking-in” and any technical difficulties that may arise. The assistant is also valuable as an additional security measure. Hosted conferences allow you to focus on your presentation or meetings, while the assistant handles the “details” of running a smooth meeting.

Of course, only you will know which conferencing or web conferencing sets will best meet your needs. There is a huge need for conferencing solutions and many providers to choose from. Take your time, understand your business needs and by all method, use the free trial options!

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