Bringing the Dragon’s Voice to Life

Ancient Druid tradition speaks of bringing the dragon’s voice to life. This ritual is based on many other ancient tales of entering a cave (darkness) to fight the dragon, setting his voice to life. Other tales of this character include Persephone, Amduat and Odysseus. Many cultures developed rituals whereby citizens entered into caves, pyramids, and other structures like The Grange for initiations, spiritual growth, healing and divination.

For the Ancient Druids bringing the dragon’s voice to life meant entering a stated cave for ritual and initiations. At the mouth of the cave hung a bell that was rung to signify entering the cave and consequently the sensual demarcation that something special was about to begin. Members of this tradition rang the bell before entering the cave and when exiting. These rituals of ringing go into and exiting was known as threshold and that has continued today in our homes where we cross a threshold to go into and already the arrival of the doorbell.

The bell, often called a Druid Gong, was produced in a special manner and its design archived in Grimoire. As most bell makers were smithies, it was traditional made of iron. Its shape included the traditional magical structure of 3.

If you want to carry on this tradition, finding a blacksmith may be difficult and certainly having a bell produced can be pricey. If you do want to have a special gong produced, here are the basic instructions:

1. Three pieces of iron, triangular in shape.

2. Each piece must be of different thicknesses. One 1/8 inch think, the second 3/8 inch thick, and the third 2/8 inch thick. It is extremely important to use the various thickness of metal for it is believe that these, when played together, represent the three primal notes of creation-A, I, O of the Three Rays, the three aspects of gods and goddesses.

3. They must be welded together at the top, pyramid style with a chain welded in the center as a clapper.

4. Add a metal ring at the top for hanging for tradition insists that they be hung by the entry.

Suspended from a tree, the ddraglais will be activated by other wind elementals. When you aren’t using the gong for thresholds, they may be used by the elementals for messages, saying hello or already predicting a weather change.

If you can’t find a blacksmith to create a ddraglais for you, the in past few years, wind chimes of this design have become fairly easy to find. Just this week, I saw several in front of a book store decorated in various ways. I’m sure there are many styles in garden stores. If you just want one for the garden, that’s fine, but be sure they are constructed with the various gauges of metal listed above if you want to use one for thresholds and other rituals.

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