Best Air Cleaners – What Is The Best Air Cleaner For Your Home?

Best Air Cleaners – What Is The Best Air Cleaner For Your Home?

Air cleaners are of different types based on different technologies; however a few ones are really best. Many people are allergic to dust contaminants and consequently air cleaners are necessary equipment for them as the air cleaners are capable to restrict dust particles. Pollutants such as bacteria are also unhealthy to us and we have many air cleaners capable to restrict bacteria also.

The various technologies that are generally adopted by air cleaner manufacturers include HEPA (high efficiency particle arresting), Ozone generators, ion generators, ionic breeze and electronic or electrostatic. Some of the renowned manufacturers of air cleaners include Blue air, Air-O-Swiss, Allerair, IQair and Austin Air.

Blue air and IQ air are the best air cleaner manufacturers. Blue air produces various models and form 501 and 601 are amongst the best cost effective models appropriate to clean for medium to small room size from 400 square foot to 800 square foot. These models are obtainable from a range of $400 onwards. Blue air models comes with the 10-year warranty the highest in this part in the industry. Further the energy conservation tag makes these the perfect choices for individuals having needed to clean a small to medium room.

Blue air models are fitted with the HEPA filters and the rare features of these filters is that these can be vacuumed and cleaned for a longer life. If you do not want to reuse the filters, there will be a need to replace the filters within 6 to 9 months time. The Blue air models come with a filter change alarm and LCD characterize.

IQAir is another top manufacturer of air cleaners and its healthpro series is most popular and is in high need due to its air-filtered quality. These models are obtainable from $650 onwards and although the cost of these air cleaners is higher than the competitors, there is a huge need for these air cleaners in the market. The air quality from these is of highest standard consequently people having allergy towards dust find these useful. The elegant look and slim models are capable to clean the big room already up to 900 square foot capacity. These models come with a five-year warranty. These are the industry standards now.

The next best air cleaners include of Aller Air and Austin Air. These are obtainable from a moderate range of $200 and above. Air cleaners from Aller Air are based on HEPA, activated carbon and UV technology. Austin air models are based on HEPA, activated carbon and potassium iodide technology. These products come with the various features and consequently are preferred by many people, as these are obtainable in low price range. So these are a few best air cleaners obtainable in the market. Although most of the cleaners are HEPA alteration technology, Blue Air and IQ Air products nevertheless keep the number one choice of millions of people.

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