Basic Web Hosting – A Short Web Hosting Tutorial

When you are one of the people who are aiming to unprotected to a virtual presence on the internet, creating your own web site is a great way to reach this goal. However, this cannot be done at a sudden, by following the three steps below; you can be able to create your own site that has already been hosted.

Step 1: Create you web pages.

Creating of web pages can be done with the use of computer publishing language, which is known as the “HTML”. You can create your own HTML basing on the protocols of programming. Do not worry because this is not a very difficult thing to do. Making web pages is just basic in programming. In fact, you can learn making web pages in many tutorials that are given for free on the internet.

Step 2: Have your own domain name.

Domain name is the identification of your site. It is usually made of words and numbers, with Top Level Domain (TDL) on its last part. The shared TDL’s are “.com”, “.net”, and “.org”; they are usually used by businesses, which preferred to have their own sites for promotions and advertising. There are also other TDL’s obtainable, depending on the availability of domain names on the internet. All domain names should be rare because these are the ones that will be searched on the web.

Step 3: Select a good web hosting company.

Web hosting is a very important part in creating web site. Your web site cannot be completed without having a web hosting or web great number because your site will not be placed on the internet. Web hosting is basically the placement of website into a server, where there is a continuous internet connection. When somebody searches your URL, your site will appear, including all its details, this is due to networking. Once your site is hosted, it would definitely appear to any computers with internet connection when searched.

These are the basic steps or a simple web hosting tutorial you can follow in order to reach web presence. If you are able to follow these steps correctly, you will surely unprotected to your goal, and make your own web site well-known on the World Wide Web.

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