Attorney Jasmine Mines Is Committed To Helping People Deal with Legal …

Jasmine A. Mines is a well-known Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer.

Attorney Jasmine Mines manages her law practice at The Mines Law Firm. She works on personal injury situations involving car accidents and slip and falls. She is also a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer.

She is extremely passionate about law. She wants people to have access to justice. Attorney Jasmine is the only attorney of her firm.

“My entrepreneurial journey started last year. Since then, I’ve received recognition as a Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer. Though other attorneys have wanted to join my company, The Mines Law Firm, I politely declined. My firm is new and I’m not sure whether to expand my firm now. I’m happy with the way things are moving. I am offering personalized legal sets and consultancy solutions to help people with their legal needs. I’ve successfully served a lot of clients who had car accidents and were injured due to the negligence of others. That’s when my role comes in. I help my clients with necessary legal solutions to help them.” Ms. Mines said.

Attorney Jasmine Mines and The Mines Law Firm have become popular, with particular thanks to social media. Ms. MInes is elated because she is getting quality leads, with most of them turning into her clients. Right now, Ms. Mines has a very specific goal right at the moment; she is focusing on acquiring more leads than last year. In short, she wants to enhance her business with more clients.

Jasmine Mines was born in Pasadena, California. She spent time in Atlanta after undergraduate school and also was a forieng exchange student in Brazil during her college days. Ms. Mines completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention from the prestigious University of South California.

Soon, she earned her Master’s Degree in Public Health, Biostatistics, and Epidemiology from the same university. She had worked as a public health expert for three years before getting enrolled in a Law School, where she attended classes in the evening while nevertheless holding a complete time job.

“I was enjoying my work as a public health enthusiast. I was happy that I could raise necessary public health-related issues at the right time. I also got the opportunity to closely work with federal and state health departments towards eradicating diseases and improving the quality of life of people for their well-being. However, I felt I could serve people more efficiently as an attorney. And this self-realization made me graduate with a Juris Doctorate Degree in May 2020 after four years of putting everything into studying and analyzing the nuances and nitty-gritty of law. afterward, I also passed the July 2020 California Bar Exam on my very first attempt. I’m enjoying each part of my journey as a Los Angeles Lawyer.” Ms. Mines additional.

Jasmine Mines is committed to serving her clients to the best of her skill and skills. If her client requires her presence in court, she’ll be there to defend them. by her legal consultancy sets, Ms. Mines provides her clients with necessary information, sustain, and guidance to make her client feel comfortable during a court case.

Ms. Mines is compassionate, intelligent, assertive, and well-skilled in handling legal matters. The very purpose of launching The Mines Law Firm was to help people conquer the legal challenges in their lives.

As a compassionate individual, Ms. MInes also volunteers with hospice care and creates a noticable bond with people who may not live long. She also enjoys reading books and traveling when not busy with her legal situations.

Jasmine chiefly offers the following legal sets:

Wrongful Death: when a person accidentally dies due to misconduct or another person.

Criminal Defense: When a person is charged with a crime.

Personal Injury: when a person got injured due to others.

Jasmine Mines walks against tides and already fights the toughest legal situations in the court of law to help her clients acquire maximum compensation in personal injury matters. Her legal sets are obtainable across Southern California.

You can contact The Mines Law Firm at 888-700-0093 24/7 by a phone call or by text message.

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