Annuity rule Generation Systems

Annuity rule generation systems can make your insurance and annuity production soar and that’s why it is vital to find some that work. In this article I’ll talk about some of the different kinds of annuity rule generation systems that are obtainable and how to match them up with what you really want to do.

I hope you noticed that in the first sentence I mentioned “some” that work meaning there is no magic bullet when it comes to annuity leads and annuity rule generation. Like any great army you need to gather up an arsenal of weapons and tools to help you win the battle. The battle here is to write more annuity business.

So let’s talk about the shared ways to generate annuity leads:

Seminars: Seminars are one of the great annuity rule generation systems and they can generate thousands in sales, but they need to be done right. If not they could cost you more than they are worth. With this system there is lots of preparation in picking venues, confirming appointments, direct mailers and of course the decision on whether or not to serve dinner.

Direct Mail: Direct mail is just that, you buy a list or generate a list of possible prospects and you send them a letter, free report, postcard or other marketing piece and you hope they will either call or fill out a form and send it back to you so you can all them up and set the appointment. Once again what do you send out, how many, do you pay the postage for the return, what works better a letter or post card. Lots of direct mail companies also require a 3000-5000 minimum mail out so keep that in mind if you are on a tight budget. Typical mail response rates are anywhere from 1-2%.

rule Companies: When it comes to annuity rule generation systems this one definitely fields the most complaints. These companies traditionally gather data for the annuity rule, but often the data is shared which method after you buy the rule it can be distributed to other agents in the same area and there is nothing worse than buying a 40 dollar rule and having the prospect say, “No thanks you are the 3rd salesperson to call me this week.”

Some company’s do offer what they call exclusive leads, but once again unless you generate your own leads you really have to take that with a grain of salt.

Pre-Set Appointments: These pre-set appointment leads can be much costlier than some of the other annuity rule generation systems, but if you find the right company to work with you will definitely get in the door. This is a great way to get the initial appointment especially if you are not great on the phone.

Websites, articles and social media: Of all the annuity rule generation systems these three are the most underused. The reason is that they require thought, time and effort, but what you are missing is that these are also the cheapest annuity rule generators you can find. By having a website with a call to action to sign up for a free report or newsletter, you essentially capture that person’s name and email for life. You are building your mailing list for free!

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and already You-tube must not be overlooked in your marketing plan. If you think tweeting is too complicated there are lots of companies that can help you set up a plan for almost nothing.

When it comes to finding annuity rule generation systems that work it really is a trial and error course of action. Are you good in front of crowds? Maybe seminars will do it for you. Lots of producers hate getting on the phone or making appointments, but they may be awesome closers. Perhaps pre-sets or using an appointment setter is the answer.

Analyze all your options and check out the trades and see how the big dogs are generating their leads and then follow the same blueprint. Generating annuity leads for your business does not have to be hard it just has to make sense.

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