4102 WINS Error Fix – How To Fix The 4102 WINS Error On Your Windows P…

When WINS (Windows Internet Name Service) is connected and a failure in communication occurs, the WINS 4102 error appears as a consequence. WINS is a vital part made by Microsoft to apply the NetBIOS Name Service (NBNS) in the operating system of Windows. When Windows is not successful in running the WINS Servers, the error usually shows up. As soon as you encounter this errror, you have to closest resolve the problem to allow Windows to precisely log great number names to the appropriate network addresses.

What Is This Error & What Causes It?

Usually, you get a WINS event ID 4102 message due to the incompatibility of the configuration of the WINS Server during connection, consequently implying failure in communication. The configuration of the WINS Server may be a Push or Pull partner with a PC which is not set up as a partner of the WINS Server initially used. You have to ensure that the correct configuration is in place in all the WINS Servers. Another thing, if your computer is operating via a rouge WINS Server, then WINS event ID 4102 may also appear.

How To Fix The WINS 4102 Error

Fixing this error involves easy steps. First, you have to execute a network monitor trace. This can be done by going to the computer’s WINS Server event log where the WINS 4102 error showed up. Then look for the precise time the error occurred. After that, locate the TCP SYN / RESET frame instances that happened during the time appearing in the network monitor trace. Next, you have to locate the frames that has the TCP Flags character containing “RESET the connection”. This indicates that there is a problem with the service of WINS which may either be not installed or is non-operational on the computer which transmitted the TCP Reset. After that, Synchronize ordern Numbers (SYN) packets should be filtered. Then, search if the server answered the frames found in the trace that has the TCP Flags character.

A server which fails to answer is known as an out of use replication partner, which is also the term for a server that transmits a TCP Reset packet. The next important thing to be achieved is to eliminate all out of use replication partners listed in the WINS Server’s replication partners. If the steps stated on how to do a network monitor trace are carried out properly, then there is a good chance that the error in communication will not occur again once WINS is reconnected. If for any reason the error messages nevertheless appear after completing all the above-mentioned steps, then the next move is to clean out your registry.

The next step is to clean out the registry of Windows. The “registry” is a vital part of your system that may cause numerous problems and issues, including the Windows 4102 error. The registry is an enormous database where all important files, settings and options, and information are stored. Windows need to properly access these files to be able to read the settings it requires to run smoothly. Oftentimes the registry gets damaged, corrupted, infected, or clogged up, thereby making your PC perform slower and inefficiently, or worse, have huge problems like the Windows 4102 error. To ensure you address this issue, run a registry cleaner tool onto your computer. The registry cleaner tool is designed to help you have a system that is error-free and prevent problems in the future.

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