125 Second Mortgage – Consolidating Debt With a Simple Interest Loan

Home values across the country have begun to taper off. Some areas in California are reporting depreciation, and some areas in Florida, Virginia and Maryland are reporting slight appreciation. Most of the country is reporting flat home sales, and many people are concerned that home values may truly begin to decline in value. Critics call this a housing bubble, and some anticipate the bubble will burst, as the interest rates continue to climb.

How will people get cash out of their home?

As many of you already know, consumer debt is at an all-time high, and if you have credit card bills mounting each month it may be time to consider a 125% second mortgage. This 2nd loan, requires no equity, and the loans can already go beyond the value of your home.

– Debt consolidation to 125%

– Home improvement financing

– Access cash without refinancing

– Debt Settlement

– Home Loan Modifications

125% home equity loans can help transform eight high rate credit card accounts into one reduced monthly payment that can save you hundreds of dollars in interest each month. For example, if you are paying out $840 a month for $35,000 in credit card debt, a 2nd mortgage could cut your payments in half with a fixed monthly payment of $410.

Critics will tell you that the interest rates are higher for 125% mortgages than traditional home equity loans. These people are right, but if it save you money, and you don’t plan on moving for a few years, this could nevertheless be a great loan for you. Jason Pizzinat, an experienced loan officer says,”125 loans have saved my clients money, and in some situations have helped them avoid bankruptcy.” If you can’t qualify for a no equity loan, consider FHA refinancing, credit card settlement or restructure your mortgage.

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