101 Bail Bonds – Jailed for the Holidays

101 Bail Bonds – Jailed for the Holidays

Telling tales from the bail bond business, unlike most campfire stories, doesn’t always have a happy ending. In fact, the endings can be scary, or perhaps serve as a warning to you, the reader.

One of the most difficult things to get use to as a licensed bail agent; the hours. Unfortunately, people don’t always get arrested between normal business hours. Late night or in the wee hours of the morning is more the norm.

This tale originates during the holiday season. A high-profile associate rented a home for the holidays in an exclusive area about one hundred plus miles north of the City of Los Angeles. However, what started out as a wonderful holiday memory, quickly became a haunting nightmare.

Domestic violence is not tolerated in this day and age. Growing up in Detroit, in a neighborhood of Italians, Polish, and Hungarian couples, domestic quarrels were shared. Since the houses were so close together, it was easy to hear the housewives preparing dinner, especially in the summer when the windows were open. Due to air conditioning being a luxury, almost all the homes in the neighborhood lacked having it. That was a long time ago, and a lot has changed.

If you remember the TV show Adam 12, Malloy and Reed would be called on a domestic argument. One of the officers would talk to the male involved in the argument and the other officer would talk with the female of the argument. A little talk, a calm down advisory, and off they’d go to patrol the streets of the rough and tough city.

Domestic violence isn’t treated so lightly anymore. It seems to be a liability issue. In the past example, there was a little calm down talk and off the officers went, but what if after the officers left, the man of the house grabbed a cleaver and cut the lady of the house into fish food. Perhaps the responsibility is on the officers, the municipality, or both. The perception seems to be that if an arrest were made, a violent act, in this case murder, wouldn’t have occurred. Avoid a possible lawsuit and make an arrest.

Back to our holiday associate.

The romantic get-a-way turned ugly for some reason and yelling followed. Yelling, by the way, usually triggers the neighbors to take notice. From my experience, it’s usually a neighbor that makes the call to the authorities. The police or sheriff’s unit shows up and instead of just have a chat, they make an arrest. Leaving it to the courts to sort the whole thing out.

In this tale, the high-profile female was arrested. Shocked and scared of the repercussions at her place of employment, she couldn’t believe that an argument in high quantity would rule to an arrest.

I must add, that due to the high-profile character of this person, it was the fastest release I had ever experienced. The reason; other inmates didn’t take kindly to this “Barbie” kind person in the jail. In an attempt to prevent incident, guards in charge, wanted her out of general holding a.s.a.p. I don’t blame them. No county wants a celebrity scandal or horrible incident to occur.

Argument is a good thing, that is, if you follow the true definition of the term, but yelling and spewing out threats is a whole different matter.

This tale has a simple message: Someone is always listening, and it’s probably a neighbor. Mind your temper.

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